The first 10 players get Limited Edition 2X EXP gauntlets.
The first 50 players get 10,000 gold.

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Imperial Online is an online RPG where you can kill monsters, and level up your skills. The main idea of the game is to train your skills to use better armor and weapons to defeat your enemies. There are many different PvP areas you can access, so many players will specialize in certain skills to defeat you. There are different ways you can fight other people, and depending where you fight them, there are different death consequences. For instance, fighting in the arena under the Valder Island castle will cause you to lose all equiped items, but fighting outside the fenced area will just take you back outside of the castle. Imperial Online isn't just about PKing though, you can also fight many boss battles (coming soon). Apart from using your melee attacks, you can also use spells to destroy your foes. Spells can either do damage, heal, give SP, or take away SP. SP is how many times you can attack with melee. if you run out of SP, you will need to wait a second or two for it to regenerate. Hopefully I gave enough information to cover the basics.

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